8 year old vomits stomach acid during seizures

Hi my 8 year old had his first seizure a month ago and has had another two since. We’re still trying to get our heads around everything and waiting on an appointment for an EEG. His seizures are difficult to pin point as they seem to vary between general and focul seizures. He is however never aware that they are happening and does not remember them. He also always vomits stomach acid both after the seizure but also produces both ■■■■ and stomach acid while experiencing a seizure. Is this common as I can’t seem to find it mentioned in the research I’ve done. Thank you for any assistance.

Hi Kerry,

So sorry to hear about your son’s recent seizures! I hope you aren’t waiting too long for an EEG and that you get the answers you need.

I personally have thrown up quite a lot in the past from focal seizures, not as much stomach acid, but I do tend to at least wretch every time I have a seizure if I don’t fully vomit.

I wouldn’t be able to say whether this is something common as I’m not a medical professional, so it is probably best that you speak to your son’s epilepsy consultant/ nurse to get some more assurance on this :slight_smile:

As you are seemingly quite new to this, it might be worth having a little browse on our Channel, as there is content on all-things epilepsy that might act as a bit of a starting point for finding some useful information: The Channel | The Channel