Taking Medication

Hi everyone! I need some advice…

I have to take my epilepsy medication in the morning and in the evening (I take Ethosuximide for my absence seizures and Lacosimide for my myoclonic and tonic-clonic seizures). I really struggle with taking my medication in the morning as if I do not take my medication with food, I throw up (ew!), but then I find myself anxiously rushing in the morning to make myself food, and if I do not take my medication as soon as I wake up, I feel so dazed and strange! I have been experiencing this catch-22 for so long. Does anyone else experience this and does anyone have any tips? Thank you!

Liv Salvati :slight_smile:

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Hey! I have exactly the same experience with if I don’t take my medication soon after I wake up then I will start to feel dazed and dizzy. I also find ensuring I take it at roughly the same time helps.

If anyone is still wondering about this, I have some advice for my own question lol!

I told my neurologist this and she reduced my meds (only slightly) so that I am taking less medication in the morning. My evening dose has stayed the same, but it is slightly larger than my morning dose. So far, it seems to have worked, I haven’t thrown up or anything!


That is really helpful, thank you! :purple_heart: