Had my first seizure at 66

Hi everyone
I was diagnosed a year passed December I’m 67 now but this just came out of the blue my first seizure I was sat at my computer with a cup of tea reading the newspaper. I lost consciousness for less than a minute when I came round my right hand was just moving back and forth on the desk, the second was while watching tv same again less than I minute head down right hand moving back and forth. Third seizure exactly the same this time just finished our evening meal. When they speak about triggers is it always the same thing or can they be different because I have no clue what my trigger would be.
Thanks for any info.

Hi there
Lots of people have different triggers and unfortunately, in lots of cases, people never find out what their triggers are.
I am a parent of a young person with epilepsy - and in the 18 years since they had their first seizure, we have never been able to pin point what triggers them - or what the underlying cause of their epilepsy is. We try to ensure that they follow all the advice for a healthy lifestyle and take their medication regularly to mitigate the risk of having a seizure.
Unless there is a very obvious identifiable trigger (eg. with photosensitive epilepsy), it is usually a case of seeing if there is a pattern to when the seizures happen.