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The basics

Let’s go back to basics. Whether you’re relatively new to your epilepsy journey or want to know more about the basics, this is the place. What is epilepsy? What happens in your brain when you have a seizure? This is the place to find out and to share your seizure experiences.


Looking after your wellbeing and mental health should always be a priority, especially if you have epilepsy. You want to try your best to feel good everyday. If you have ideas or tried and tested hacks about how to look after you and your wellbeing, we’d love to hear them.


Treatment is always a hot topic in the epilepsy world. From medication to alternative therapies, this is the place to discuss your experiences and find the answer to your questions.


How do you find travelling with epilepsy? Use this space to ask questions and share ideas and hacks. Whether it be about taking medication abroad, things you need to remember to organise before going away or just great travel stories.


A smooth transition from Paediatric to Adult Services is particularly important for young people with epilepsy. We’d love to hear about your experience or concerns, and any advice you can pass on.


In the world of epilepsy, research is always ongoing and exciting. From treatments to projects and studies. If you have queries over research you’ve seen or reports you’ve read, you might find the answers you’re looking for here.

Growing up

Growing up with epilepsy can be a challenge, but it shouldn’t have to be. Sharing advice and knowledge with others will provide a great support to you and your family, to make growing up with epilepsy one of your strengths.


Relationships, friendships and your absolute number ones. We all need people in our life to be there when we need support, a laugh or just a chat. When you have epilepsy, you need people you can count on, and they might need to find support sometimes too. Use this space to ask questions and seek advice from people who may be in a similar situation to yourself.

Social life

Having a social life is part of growing up, and this shouldn’t change just because you have epilepsy. There are things you need to consider and plan for, but use this space to share hacks and learn from others, so you can have a social life just as fun as the next person.


Whether it be about School, College, University or another course, we’re keen to find out about your experience with Education. Are there any top tips you can give others about support? Do you have any questions about making the most of your time in Education? This is the place to share.


The world of work can seem scary and exciting all at the same time. Finding a career that you’re passionate about, but at the same time prioritising your health might seem like a challenge. Use this space to find out about other people’s experiences and share top tips.

Your rights

As someone living with epilepsy in the UK, there are a number of laws and guidance documents that are important and outline your rights. These cover a range of things such as employment, education and many more. If you’re unsure or have questions about your rights, find the answers here.


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