Is blood sugar a trigger?

Recently I’ve been finding that when I don’t eat enough I feel myself about to have a seizure. Similarly, when I eat only sugar (like pancakes for breakfast) I also feel myself about to have a seizure. Does anyone else find this because I’ve tried Googling and I can’t seem to find anything :joy:

Hi Ellie
Yes, we have always been told that missing a meal could trigger a seizure. When my son was on a seizure medication that suppressed his appetite, his epilepsy nurse continually told him to keep a bag of healthy snacks (like fruit and nuts) on him and to munch on them throughout the day to maintain his blood sugar levels.
I have always wondered whether the amount of carbohydrates (that break down in to glucose) you eat could also affect seizure frequency. I remember speaking to one medical professional about this who dismissed it very quickly but another said, anything is worth considering/trying when it comes to seizure control. Definitely worth you speaking about your experiences with your Epilepsy Nurse or consultant.

Thank you so much! I will speak to my epilepsy nurse next time I see her! The idea of keeping healthy snacks on you is something ill start doing though

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