Saying Hi new to epilepsy with our son

Hi, We are Lou and Danny and our 11 year old son got diagnosed with Absence, Atonic and Tonic Colonic seizures on the 23rd December last year.
We are learning about medications, triggers and everything else to do with epilepsy.
We have had a nightmare trying to get him started on his meds firstly he tried tablets and couldn’t swallow them even if hidden in food so we changed to liquid and he took his first dose no problem but he got anxious as he swallowed it which made him feel faint and sick and had refused to take it ever since. We have tried adding it to drinks he tastes it.
We really are stuck as we have tried everything we can think of. We are hardly sleeping as every time our son moves we’re getting up to check on him and our children are homeschooled so we are with them 24hr a day 7 days a week.
Any advice would be great fully received.