Epilepsy and adhd at school

Hello, I’m new here and hope I am posting this question in the right place?!
My son was diagnosed with epilepsy in June 2022, but was struggling for at least a year beforehand. He’s 11 years old. He has focal seizures which are not yet managed, we’re on his 3rd set of medications. School has been a nightmare for him and I feel that he does have adhd symptoms related to his epilepsy because of his struggles with concentration and behaviour. His school however have said that they would not consider diagnosing or even looking in to him having adhd because of his epilepsy diagnosis. I’m feeling frustrated that we cannot access the help he needs at school because if this. Has anyone else had this experience please or have any advice about how to pursue this? Many thanks.

Hi Heidi,

Thanks for posting and yes you have posted in the right place. :slight_smile: I’m so sorry to hear about your son’s recent diagnoses and the challenges you have both been facing since. It’s scary for anyone involved and it sounds as if you don’t seem to be getting the support you would like either.

Do you mind sending this enquiry over to our helpline helpline@youngepilepsy.org.uk ? We can have a more in-depth chat on there and I can forward you over some resources that might be useful. :slight_smile:

Thank you!


Sorry to hear you don’t think you’re getting the right support for your son at school. In case this helps - our daughter has various learning difficulties in addition to epilepsy. However, other than the epilepsy, we don’t have diagnoses for her difficulties and her consultant paediatrician doesn’t think this would necessarily help at this stage (she is 10). This is because her areas of difficulty are clearly described in her EHCP and she is supported with them. So although we may not have labels of ‘dyslexia, ADHD, sensory processing disorder’ etc, we do feel as though her learning journey (which isn’t easy!) is being reviewed and she is supported. Her school care plan, and now her EHCP, have been key to tracking her progress and helping the handover between teachers at the end of each academic year. Whether or not your son has a diagnosis of ADHD, his school should be identifying his areas of difficulty and supporting his learning accordingly. Good luck.