Hello, for son and we looking to other to share their experiences

Hello everyone, My name is Kiran and I’m have two children 20 and 17. My 20yo started having his first seizure at 17yo. It happened out of the blue and he was fit and sporty. He has been doing Thai boxing from the age of 6. And he was very active and independent. After having seizures he was house bound for 6-7 months. He felt very alone. We noticed he has a seizure due to stress about exams etc. he went for counciling and it helped him get out the house and able to go uni.

He is now in 2nd year uni and and preparing for his exams. Yesterday he got up to have his meds and he has a seizure. Last seizure was in Oct 22 and it was when he went back to uni for 2nd year.

We are based in Birmingham and would like to meet parents and he would like to meet young adults his age to talk about his experience and help reach other.

We are happy to travel as well to meet and you can reply here or email me kgill11@me.com.

Kind regards

Hi Kiran,

So sorry to hear about your son, I was diagnosed only July 21 & I can also go months without seizures, an all of a sudden have one, the only thing I can say brings them on is stress too… an there is just no controlling it it’s so sad I feel for him.

I’d be more than happy to meet up with you with my mum I’m 27 but if it would help him realise he most certainly isn’t alone I would do love to meet up.
Let me know I will email you. Hopefully speak soon. X

Hi Charlotte thanks for getting in touch me.

I know these seizures are so stressful and when they are so unpredictable.

I spoken to my son and he said he would be happy to meet and talk about it.

Can you email me and we can arrange something. He finishes his exams next week so after that it would be fine.

Many thanks Kiran xxx

Hi Kiran, my son has epilepsy and he’s nearly 18. I put on a very simiar message to yours a few months ago. We live in Solihull. It might be worth us having a call. My email is alanballard11@hotmail.co.uk

Best Alan