Hi everybody Billys mum

Hello all mum to seven children here one with eplisey my little man is six years old and has eplisey since he was two and a half very difficult journey here through many tests and medicine but we are coping the anxiety is unreal for the parents let alone the person he’s has two prolonged seizures requiring intubation very scared and a quite a few in between he’s on two different medicine keppra and tegroltol waiting on genetics tests glad to find a place to talk with others it’s so hard xxx

I am a mum and I suffer from epilepsy, have done since I was 2. It is a frightening experince and I cannot imagine how hard it is to see Billy go theough all of that. Stay strong Billy will need your support. Just encourage him and support him to try whatever. I will always thank my mum for doing that. Here if you need to chat. Happy to help.

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