Parent with newly diagnosed 13 year old boy

My 13 year old son has recently been diagnosed with generalised tonic clonic seizures and absence seizures. Just started on Keppra but had 2nd TC yesterday. Worrying about him growing up and having independence. He is a very active, social boy who plays football, cycles ,paddle boards. Don’t want his world shrinking!

My son was diagnosed March 2022 with generalised tonic clonic seizures last after his second tonic clonic seizure. He was first put on Keppra which was increased after each consecutive seizure. My sons pattern seemed to be every 6-8 weeks. After his last seizure in September he was put on Lamictal and that seems to be working so far🤞Maybe it will be the case that Keppra will work at a certain dose for your son it is just frustrating trying to find the right dose. I was worried too about my sons life changing but he has adapted to taking his medication and really once the seizures are controlled life for your son should go on as it did before. I think it can be very hard for parents we always want the best for our children- at the start I worried constantly and I still worry but it has eased somewhat. Everytime I hear about someone’s epilepsy being controlled and that they are living a normal life I add their name to a list that I have on my phone it helps me to look at it whenever I’m having a day where the worry is taking over. I find the internet a great resource but also at the same time it can be quite scarey too as the negative aspects of epilepsy tend to be shared, people with controlled epilepsy are not as inclined to post so just keep in mind that the vast majority of epilepsy can be controlled with the right medication and your son is young and will hopefully leave epilepsy behind at some stage in the future.xx