How do you remember to take your medication?

I am awful at taking my medication, I often forget which I know is really bad and could result in a seizure. I’ve tried leaving it next to my bed so that I see it when I wake up, but when I go downstairs to get water I completely forget what I’m doing and only remember next time I’m in my room.

Any tips would be much appreciated!

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I have a med box which is replenished weekly, covers am/pm meds. Can be bought in chemists and pharmacies in supermarkets.

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I find a good way for me to remember is setting a reminder or alarm on my phone :slightly_smiling_face:

I used to be good but then I got complacent and had two seizures last year because of missed meds. So since then I’ve upped my game again. I have a pill box for the week which works quite well, which I refill each week. I then have a tablet at 8am every day. Admittedly, I have the luxury of being a uni student with nothing to wake up for at the moment, so it’s not like I’m going to be travelling to work at 8am or anything. Meaning I do set an alarm for 7.57, 8 and 8.05 each day to make sure I’m awake to have my tablet. Even if I want a lie in, I still wake up, have the tablet, and then go back to bed.

I then have an evening pill, this one at 8pm. This one I do have a reminder on my phone (which I do find isn’t the best but heyho). I am in the fortunate position in that, since I had a seizure in front of him, one of my uni housemates texts me every single evening at 8am telling me to take my tablet. And it’s been this way for 11 months now. Not saying that’s an answer that’ll work for everyone (he’s a unique friend!) but having friends who are aware of your need to take a tablet at least does help.

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I have alarms on my phone. I set one for 5 minutes before, on the hour then 15mins later to make sure I took them. I also always keep my meds nearby so a box next to my bed and a box in the living room as a visual reminder.