Feeling unmotivated

Hiya! :smiley:

Sometimes my medication and the general everyday effects of epilepsy makes me feel unmotivated. I really want to change this, for instance, try and get into exercise, read more, feel more into my university course, and so on. Does anyone have any tips for staying motivated, especially if you are in education!

Thank you! Liv :purple_heart:


Hi Liv! I can definitely relate with feeling unmotivated, especially at the moment during lockdown! I find doing meditation or yoga can really help with my mind and getting me motivated to do work. Also fresh air, even a short walk massively helps me to get motivated and energised. Jasmine :purple_heart:

Hey I have this almost constantly haha. Lockdown’s proved particularly difficult. I seem to start the day with a lot of energy and am very productive, but then at some point I do just hit a wall and for some reason cannot think productively anymore. This is in the context of writing essays mainly. Like I’ll really be in a flow, then I hit a point where my brain just can’t join the dots anymore for the rest of the day. It doesn’t make a lot of sense but I do wonder if it’s epilepsy related.

That aside I do do loads of stuff at uni and indeed when I come away from the coursework I am normally doing something else uni related, e.g. making a podcast/writing an article. So I am motivated just that motivation tends to float around a few different places. I find a thing that helps is to consider how what you’re doing can help other people (which works well for podcasts and articles as mentioned). For essays and stuff, obviously not many people are going to see them haha so that strategy doesn’t really work. For me - and this is pretty deep lol - I am quite self-motivated by the memory of my Grandad. A lasting image of him that I have is of him seeing me in my secondary school uniform the first day I went in. He’d never been prouder, and passed away a month or so later. So, if ever my motivation suffers, I think back to what would make Grandad proud. And that tends to set me back on the right course. Again that obviously won’t work for everyone but that’s my personal motivator!