How do you explain to your friends about not staying out late?

Being up late/not getting enough sleep is a trigger for my seizures, but I don’t know how to chat to my friends about it so they’re not funny about me leaving early


I’m 20 so I completely understand this, especially with being in Uni! I find the best thing to do is be well prepared with your medication if you are going to stay out late and just be honest with friends, explain to them what could happen and hopefully they will understand!:blush:

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Yeah this is a tough one and I imagine varies a lot from epilepsy to epilepsy and friendship group to friendship group. I’m at uni, and from the start I’ve been open and up front with my friends about the epilepsy. All of them have been empathetic and genuinely interested in my condition, both due to the fact that knowing an epileptic is quite a unique thing for some people (and therefore they want to learn more) and out of a care for me. Therefore, if I ever do need to go home early, they are understanding/someone will go with me. In my experience, that hasn’t had to happen though, because whenever I am going somewhere where I’m likely to be out late (i.e. clubbing), I’ve made sure to have had a lot of sleep the night before, have taken my medication as appropriate, have eaten a lot, am well hydrated, and then am aware of my limits on how much alcohol I can have. In which case, I’ve been able to stay awake as late as anyone else really. But, like I say, varies from epilepsy to epilepsy I guess.

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