College Life/Expreinces

Hi everyone! Lauren here. My experience with Education has been quite smooth actually. I’ve been in college for the past few years. Each course I’ve completed has been great. I’ve just had to have extra support from my tutor and learning support assistants have always been great with working alongside me and I know that I’m now confident in my educational journey. For me, my memory is the biggest problem when it comes to college and my course because sometimes the information is a lot to take in. My tips for education and being in college is:

  1. Always ask for help from a learning support department if you can because then they’ll how to help you. They may also ask where it could be fitted in regarding your lessons as well.

  2. I have a tool called a LiveScribe which helps me replay information via an electronic pen when I write class information down as I struggle with remembering things. I can also write things down which helps a lot.

  3. Talk to your tutor about things and possible tools that could help you around a college campus if you need it. If you’re honest, then it’s better. I was very shy at the start of college because I’m a very independent person… but I knew deep down that I needed help.

  4. Just always remember that you can acheieve whatever you’re studying. I’m currently on a pre access course as I would love to be a counsellor… I do doubt myself a lot… but I’m slowly learning to really believe in myself and that’s helping.:blush:

I hope all this information is useful.:raised_hands:


Such great and helpful advice, thank you! :grinning:

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That’s ok Jasmine.:blush::blush: