Positives about epilepsy

Hi everyone! With National Epilepsy Week coming up, I’m putting together a video for my school to raise awareness about epilepsy. I want to make It quite an upbeat experience for everyone so I was just wondering if you guys have anything positive that has come out of your epilepsy diagnosis? Thank you so much!

Hi Sophie,
It is a great idea to talk about the positives that have come out of our epilepsy diagnosis. It really made me think through my experience and feel really happy as a result!

Does seem quite strange saying this, but I have many positives that have resulted from my epilepsy. In no particular order:

  • I have become a lot fitter as a result – not having a driving licence meant walking became a big habit and resulted in me taking up trekking; I’ve now trekked across many, many countries and greatly enriched my life as a result;
  • The medications I have taken have negatively impacted my memory and ability to often say out loud the word I’m thinking. It really upset me. So, I have written lengthy diaries of the events I didn’t want to forget. I love reading them and they entertain my friends and family!
  • I have learnt to value and enjoy life. Being frightened I wouldn’t wake up the next morning made me rethink and ensure I make the most of every single day. I now appreciate those small things I used to take for granted and never will again!
  • I am much closer to my family and friends as a direct result of the support I have been provided and their acceptance of ‘me’. I make sure every conversation is ended with ‘I love you’ - a real positive.

I hope that helps


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Well I do have a VNS. It’s like a chain in me and mummy has told use this thingy like a circle thing and she moves across me. My doctors are going to help me with my back as I have a poorly back at the moment too. So that’s good.

from Rachel (alongside tutor)