Having a Seizure at Uni

Hey everyone. I’m interested to hear the experiences of anyone who has had a seizure at university. I’ve had epilepsy for years, but my first ever seizure away from my family home occurred at university in February 2020. It was a horrible experience, really knocking my confidence for a while. It happened randomly at my university house, in front of my housemates. They were a brilliant help, did everything right as I had briefed them too. But still, I remained deeply embarrassed as there is something really unnerving about being so vulnerable in front of people who aren’t your parents. That’s how it was in my case, anyway. Intrigued to hear of other people’s experiences, and whether they struggled with their first seizure away from home.

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I had my first seizure within a week of moving into my student house because I wasn’t used to the new routine. I had also previously explained to my housemates what to do and they were able to help me in all the right ways but as you say it was still a bit embarrassing. I found that as I got closer with my housemates we were able to have a joke about it which really settled me. I was lucky though that I was only an hour away from my parents so they did come to hospital with me for the first 2 seizures I had but from then on I felt comfortable with going alone or with my best friend who I happened to live with.