What are classmates told about seizures?

My daughter had her first daytime seizure yesterday which we think was a focal impaired awareness seizure, though awaiting review from her epilepsy team. Her previous seizures have all been nocturnal tonic-clonic, which has it’s own set of difficulties – but at least at night she is at home and under our care. Now she has gone back to school (primary, Y5) and I’m wondering how the school will recognise and deal with any episodes.

My question is – to any parents in a similar situation and young epilepsy sufferers, particularly at primary school – are other children (friends, classmates) told about the potential seizures? It’s quite likely that if it happens again, it will be a classmate who notices first. Obviously they shouldn’t be burdened with the responsibility of recognising a seizure, nor would I want her classmates to be constantly wondering if my daughter is having a seizure. Is there an accepted approach to this at primary school? I will be asking the epilepsy nurses but appreciate hearing of any other experiences.