Exam monitoring (individual)

Does anyone have any experience or knowledge of entitlement for individual monitoring of a diagnosed child in GCSE or A’Level exams please?

Also how much/what information should be shared with Invigilators (and Supply staff during normal school lessons) in advance? Where do we stand with potential poor grades following an y potential missed Absence episode that will impact on the remainder of the exam and using Access arrangements?

This relates to a child who experiences Tonic-Clonic seizures to date in their sleep, but Absence seizures (unresponsive, occasional impaired awareness) whilst awake.

Medical Staff/Invigilators are possibly trained for handling fitting seizures, but not all may have knowledge in advance of how this child’s Absences need to be handled. There is no EHCP or 1:1 in place. There is an IHP in place with the Medical team and usual teaching staff.

Our concern is that an Absence is missed during exams this year, as well as safety aspects during a normal day where this child is currently expected to hand over a note at the start of Supply covered lessons (without consideration for capabilities at that point in time, subsequent reporting of episodes during the lesson or the remainder of the day’s activities/walk home, etc).