Epilepsy Causes and Treatments Research

Whilst studying for my A-Levels i am doing an EPQ. My essay is titled “Epilepsy: A Critical Exploration of its Possible Causes. Can it Ever be Successfully Controlled?”.

I am hoping to ask some questions to people who live with epilepsy, in order to understand from a real life point of view, rather than limiting information to what medical text books tell me.

I have created an online survey, which i will post the link to below:

Epilepsy Survey

Emily P

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Hi Emily, I was diagnosed with epilepsy 5 years ago and have been seizure free for about 4 years. It took a while experimenting with different doses and medications, but luckily I’ve found the right one for me that controls my seizures! Also managing my life so I don’t get over tired/stressed and just keeping healthy in general :blush: hope that helps

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