Anxiety after seizure

I had my first seizure in 2015 then didn’t have one until 2020 I first had them in my sleep my last one in my sleep was April 22… then last week I had my first awake one an it has completely traumatised me I hope I don’t sound too dramatic for all you people who struggle daily, but this was something I never want to experience again I can’t stop thinking about it I was admitted to hospital an have recently been in touch with my gp regarding a new referral to Walton as I was referred elsewhere in the past. But I just need some tips and advice on how to overcome the anxiety side of it because I feel it’s making me ill thank you so much in advance!!

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Hi Charlotte,

I’m so sorry to hear about what you’ve been going though because of your seizures :frowning: Having your first seizure in the day time can be particularly scary and please don’t feel like you’re being dramatic because you’re not at all!

Would you mind dropping an e-mail over to ? You can literally copy and paste the message you’ve left here :slight_smile: There are a few ways in which I believe we could offer you some support around accepting and overcoming anxiety around epilepsy, so it would be good to chat to you in more detail.

Thanks so much! Becca

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Thank you Becca, I have done this :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: