Struggling after a seizure

Does anyone else struggle after a seizure , can take me upto two days to fully recover from a seizure x

Hi Danielle,
I know what you mean - it used to take me a good two days after a seizure to fully get back to myself. I found that period worse than the actual seizure - feeling very low, frustrated that I was back to square one, headaches and so tired. If possible, best thing I found was getting as much rest as possible and lots of chats with friends and family.
Take care

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Yeah the sore head after it is the worst thing I could possibly think off, yep I totally agree after it is defo worst than the seizure x

Hi I am sorry to hear of this :(. I always dislocate my arm so and feel rough sometimes i get depressed as well but your not alone in this !!! we are all here for you