New Epilepsy diagnosis and cerebral palsy

Hi everyone
My sister who is 16 has recently had 3 seizures. She had mild cerebral palsy (right sided weakness), walks, talks and attend mainstream school, is a bright and happy teenager who hasn’t let her disability stop her in anything. This has came completely out of the blue, she has never had a seizure before and we are just so shocked. She has commenced lamotrigine 25mg once a day and will go up twice a day, with a neurology appointment in a few days time. We have had two trips to a&e (adult services) as this is totally new to us as a family. We don’t have any reduce medication prescribed as yet, assuming this will be sorted with consultant neurologist at appointment? Her CT scan was normal (no change from scan at birth showing CP).

I just want to reach out to anyone if this has happened with them re:the cerebral palsy and very late onset of seizures? I am aware with cerebral palsy the risk of seizures, I am a children’s nurse myself and see it all the time, I just haven’t seen such a late onset with no other cause with regards to cerebral palsy.She is such a great girl and deals with so much already…it seems so unfair as I’m sure so many of you understand. Any tips on help moving forward would be so useful. Thank you!

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