How to put people at ease?

My boyfriend has been really good about my epilepsy and how I have to be careful when doing certain things, he looks out for triggers more than I do! But recently he’s been waking me up in the night to check that I haven’t had a seizure. For context I am over a year seizure free and have never had any proof that I’m having seizures in my sleep. What can I say or do that will make him less worried? It makes me feel bad because he’s obviously scared that somethings going to happen while he’s asleep and I don’t want him to always be scared/worry about me.

Hi Ellie,

That’s sweet that you have a supportive boyfriend. But also must be difficult to be woken up frequently from his fear of you having a seizure. I also feel bad too when my family and friends get worked up when I want them to calm down too about my epilepsy and not constantly worry all the time. As a way to help, just gently remind him that you have been over a year seizure free and tell him how grateful you are for his support but that you want him to not stress himself out. Also if he has this sense of humour, you could lightly make a joke saying that he worries more than you but tell him that his kindness and caring nature is another reason why you like/love him. That’s fantastic to hear you’ve been over a year seizure free well done!!