Child has prolonged seizures

Hi all,

I am new here my names Amie and I have a beautiful 13 month old baby girl called Ottilie…

Up until she was 11 months Ottilie had no signs of epilepsy and then at the end of November she became unwell at her childminders - I managed to get to her quickly and before the ambulance- she had her first seizure which was over 50 minutes long… around 4 weeks later she had another of over 17 minutes and last Friday she had another of over 40 minutes all requiring medical intervention…

What I wanted to know is if there are other parents out there in the same boat and if so how do you cope?

Sorry for late response only joined a while back hope you ok yes our family in the same boat my son is six been like this since he was two you do cope but very hard hope you ok and your little girlI posted here a few weeks back you might find it keep your strength up have you got a bed monitor


My son started his seizures at 10 months old (he’s 2 now), and they were often 15 mins long, and the longest we’ve had was 40 mins. I try to manage my anxiety by doing what I can and accepting what I can’t control, but I have felt very scared on many different occasions. What is your little one’s diagnosis out of interest?