What's the best way to tell a new friend or partner about my epilepsy?

The last thing I want to do around new people is have a seizure without them knowing about my epilepsy. How do I introduce them to it without making it a big deal?


In my opinion expressing that you have epilepsy is never a big deal! You shouldn’t be afraid because in the end it will better your relationships,

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I think the best thing to do is be honest, especially if you know you’re going to be spending more time with someone. You can be as casual as you want and see what questions they then have. Everyone seems to react differently when I tell them, but I’m met with kindness 95% of the time :purple_heart:

When I started uni I developed a habit of getting tipsy and oversharing. So all my ‘friends’ new pretty early on. But I didn’t necessarily share it in classes and this led to issues. Just be casual about it, if they want to know more they’ll ask. However, my boyfriend at uni didn’t ask as he didn’t see it as an issue at all, so never understood the seriousness of my condition and in the end that’s why I ended it with him.

I think the best way to tell a new friend or partner is to just be honest with them really and just take your time.:blush: