What form of ID do you use?

What form of ID does everyone use, my epilepsy stops.me from driving and a lot of places dont accept the ID apps. Carrying round your passport doesn’t feel like the safest thing to do. Any one got any tips?

Hi Daisy, this link might provide some use. It’s the UK’s national proof of age scheme so there should be a form of ID you can apply for: https://www.pass-scheme.org.uk/

Has anyone else had any luck with other types of ID?


I use a Citizen’s Card (Apply for a UK ID card Online - CitizenCard). Have only had it since May though so I haven’t had too much experience with it in terms of what places don’t accept it and stuff. So far though every encounter has gone fine, though I’ve only tested this at supermarkets when buying alcohol and at Wetherspoons a couple times over summer. Worked every time but I don’t know about clubbing or anything yet. Although that might not matter for some of you but as a uni student for me it’s pretty important haha!


I use my passport which is always risky, but I’m 23 and I have only lost my passport once so far!