Vns therapy experiences

Hi has anyone got a vns monitor fitted and if so what’s your experience. My son has been offered one to help control his epilepsy and I’m just looking for some honest feddback

@Loopy_laura have you seen the video and info on VNS that we have launched this week?
What is VNS
Could VNS help my epilepsy?
and one of our Young Reps here at Young Epilepsy has written about her experience
What VNS has done for me
I hope that some of this is useful for you and your son.


Hi - my son has had his 18 months. To date it’s been his most successful treatment. Is there anything specific I can help you with?

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Hi @Loopy_laura, I had a VNS implanted in 2019. You can read a general overview of my experience via the link @Chloe-YE shared or visit my personal blog for more detail.

In short, I’d say go for it! Your son has nothing to lose but potentially a lot to gain. It’s totally changed my life for the better!