Travelling advice

Hey everyone! I am thinking and hoping to go travelling in the future and when it is safe to do so. I was just wondering if anyone else had gone travelling alone or with friends and if you had any advice or tips? Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Jasmine,
I did spend a lot of time travelling on my own and although there were a few worrying occasions I’m so pleased I did. I always made sure my family were well aware of my travel plans, I had travel insurance that covered my epilepsy, I split my drugs between various bags (carrying them in hand luggage as much as possible) and took a few weeks extra - in case and always told those I met how to support me if I did have a seizure. I also carried around spare food which was a blessing. One of the side effects from the drugs was a loss of memory, so I wrote endless diaries during every trip just in case I wouldn’t be able to remember fully in years to come. A good read! I hope that’s a help and do enjoy your travels, when safe to go. Katie

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Hi Katie, thank you so much for the helpful and reassuring advice! Really useful :slightly_smiling_face: