The Claudes SEN Law #TheClaudesSENLaw UK Petitions and International Campaign

UK Petition and International Campaign #TheClaudesSENLaw
Hello my name is Claude from UK London. Please spare a second to support "The Claudes SEN Law: ~ TheClaudesSENLaw:
Please support The Claudes SEN Law : “Signing this Petition Will Change Many Lives!”
“Let’s Keep Growing and Make This Change Happen!” Please all join me in The Claudes SEN Law social media storm as we are now at 700 signatures and growing.
Please all spread the word and add your signature for change and action, as we support The Claudes Sen Law Neurodiversity, Hidden Disabilities and Disabilities, Youthhomelessness, sofa surfing and also the reform in SEN Education, Workplacements, reform EHCP plan (Educational Healthcare Plan), reform PIP (Personal Independent Payment system) and our Courts system.
Please all support before. The Claudes SEN Law!!
Link ~ #TheClaudesSenLaw


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