Son not being allowed on a school trip

Good afternoon my name is Kumba and I have a son aged 11 and I have just been informed by the school headmaster that his school trip this May whilst in his last year of junior school which includes an overnight stay has been canceled due to his Epilepsy.

Has anyone else experienced this is it legal? Where do I stand? What advice can anyone kindly give me? I feel this is discrimination please can someone help me thank you very much.

Hi, sorry to hear about your son’s experience. That must be very upsetting, especially for such an important trip at the end of primary school.

I am very surprised that the school are not supporting your son to go on the school trip. I am not a legal expert but my understanding is that under the Equality Act they are not allowed to discriminate against your son and should take reasonable steps to include him. It might be worth saying that to them and see how they respond?

My own daughter’s experience is that the school consider the risks associated with her epilepsy and any particular school trip and put in mitigations where necessary. They share a risk assessment with us in advance.

It definitely sounds like it is worth challenging the school’s decision in the first instance and see what they can do to include him.

Good luck!

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Thank you very much for your advice and responding to my page

We haven’t had the school deny a trip the last two years since sudden onset, mostly seizures during sleep (almost 16 years old now), however we have worked with the school and been able to send a parent/usually Dad. This has been for daytime events and overnight, including DofE as medical tracker/overnight carer. These were invaluable experiences that just needed some adaptations, authorising and understanding with other children informed for awareness. The school asked for his medical team to provide written authorisation also. Our other solution has been staying closeby as a family and dropping off/picking up for the overnight element but to give my child the daytime/evening experiences and time with others. My children have had amazing experiences on trips and through Scouting pre diagnosis and since. Things have deteriorated in more recent months, so we are grateful for the memories that were made with support. I hope you can find a solution x