Seizure Free for 2021

This is a very happy new year for me, for a very special and important reason concerning my #epilepsy. As of 6th October 2021 I was officially seizure free for one year. That marked the last time I had been hospitalized. And as this new year dawns, I can finally and happily say that 2021 has been a seizure free year for me. I have been waiting so long for this. I learned a lot about myself and my epilepsy this year, like I am more than my seizures and I am more capable than I realize. Here’s hoping for a seizure free 2022 as well. :heart:

Thanks for sharing @Shami its great to hear that 2021 was seizure free for you, and all that you learnt about yourself last year. I’m sharing your hope for 2022 being seizure free!

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