Relationships issue

Anyone have this same issue and apologies I’m just ranting I guess, I’ve struggled with relationships most my life now, I’ve gone out on dates but as soon as I mention I have epilepsy they usually do a runner lol, and it also seems to be a massive issue if you don’t own a car.

Hello ollie…

This can be an issue for people with epilepsy. Forgive me if i’m wrong but i guess you mean relationships with a woman. A good way to get through this is to look for certain traits in her such as caring. Sometimes the type of job she had may also be a key she won’t be judgemental for example a nurse, a doctor, a social worker etc. If you look for some of these things you’ll have a better chance of success. Of course this doesn’t mean others won’t accept you too.

Show the lady that you are capable in other ways, for example although you have epilepsy you still live an independant or you are driven to success in life and confident. These things can often outway the fact you have epilepsy.

But don’t feel ashamed, you’re not alone in this.

Thanks David for the reply, always good to hear I’m not alone.:v:

Hi Ollie,

There’s no need to apologise at all- I can imagine this has been really disheartening for you, and you definitely should not have to feel anxious about bringing up your epilepsy to others. It is nothing to be ashamed of and I can assure you that if this is something that makes people ‘do a runner’, then they’re not the right person for you, and you will find someone caring who will be nothing but supportive. :slight_smile:

Best of luck with it all and please don’t feel like you need to hide it from future dates!!


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