Reflections: #BeyondCovid

With this week being National Epilepsy Week, we are reflecting how the last 12 months have been for you.

This week is all about #BeyondCovid and what that means for you. So leave us a comment below and tell us how has life changed for you during a global pandemic, and how are you feeling now that lockdown is beginning to lift?

As a parent, I have felt less anxious over the last 12 months knowing that my son has been at home with us. As restrictions are lifting, he is beginning to meet up with friends and I know it won’t be long before he is beginning to want to travel further afield and go back to using public transport. I can’t wait for him to get his independence and for all of us to get our freedom back, but I know it will increase my anxiety and I will be back to jumping out of my skin and expecting the worse everytime the phone rings!