Mouth injury following seizure

Hello, my daughter is 19 and she has epileptic seizures which result in mouth injuries such as tongue biting and muscle/jaw pain. Be sure she is autistic and non verbal I would be grateful if other members could help me know what helps them when this happens as my daughter cannot tell me and I have to try and guess to make her feel more comfortable and as pain free as possible. I would like to hear your voices to help guide me to what might work for my daughter who is unable to communicate. She has been unable to eat (but hungry) and I try to let her lead in terms of cold drinks etc that might relieve some of her pain. I would be so grateful for any guidance or experiences that might show me a way to help Emily on her journey to recovery after her seizures. Thank you!

Hi Noel,

So sorry to hear about what your daughter is going through and how it’s affecting you all as a family. It must be so hard, especially if she is unable to communicate with you :frowning:

I spoke to one of my colleagues who has epilepsy about this, and she said that she also used to clench her jaw and bite down on her tongue when she had seizures… It made it hard for her to talk and would even give her a lisp for days after

She said what worked for her was soup through a straw and sucking ice cubes. She also used bonjela and clove oil (a bit gross and smelly but apparently it works!!) Smoothies could also be a good option!

I hope this helps :slight_smile:


Thank you so much for taking the time to post. I will take the advice on board.
I try to tune into Emily’s facial expressions and moods to work out what she needs, but the experiences of others can help me understand how it is experienced.
Have a good day and thank you again for your time :slight_smile: