Growing up struggles

Hi dose anyone else find that there epilepsy is affecting them more since they are a young adult, now knowing we carnt just go and do things others our age will do?


A bit yeah, I’m 20 and still go most places with my parents or a friend. If I go somewhere alone it’s normally just a nip to Tesco.

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Yes it’s horrible luckily I’ve had epilepsy since I was young so I’ve grown into it, but I do worry sometimes about will I ever get independence

Hiya Livvy!

I go through periods when I feel like this. However, since I began to completely accept my epilepsy, this feeling has definitely faded. I sort have created my own normal, and I do not focus too much on what other people are doing. As, at the end of the day, everyone has problems in their life, whether social media reveals that or not!

Liv :purple_heart:

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Yes I understand you, I try to be as possitive as I can but I just find it really hard sometimes as I currently have full time care and there’s been discussions about me not ever going to be able to live on my own so I’ll end up in supported living… i do tend to compare myself to others a lot because of this

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Hi Livvy,

Sometimes, I feel a bit down when my epilepsy really effects me. I still do feel down sometimes, but I try to be positive about the things I can do.:blush: