Finding local families of 14-16 year olds with Epilepsy

Is there anyone in Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire or Cambridgeshire whose young teenager has episodes and would like to communicate with my own child, sharing experiences and understanding they are not alone? This could be face to face or through this forum if my child is willing. Trying to find support of others for him with their own experiences.

I have a 14yr old son with complex epilepsy. He would love to make friends with teens who understand. He loves gaming and would be happy to play with others. We live in Cambridgeshire.

Great to hear from you! Apologies for not replying sooner. We’ve had a really tough 6 months with our son’s condition and health but hopeful things are improving again. I’m sure he would love to game online, although for now we are heading into GCSE exams and he’s only just started being able to revise. We’ll be in touch when we’re through the other side!