Epilepsy and hot weather

Does hot weather affect your epilepsy? For me hot weather can trigger a seizure and I have an increase in absences. I always book overseas holidays during periods when the temperature is mild and during the summer period in the UK when the temperature goes above 65c I have to stay inside until late afternoon.


Hi Steven yes my seizures increase when I’m to hot


Hi there Steven, sorry I’m late to reply, but I can tell you this, I live in Sri Lanka where it is constantly hot and when I was in school during PE in the hot sun sometimes that would trigger a seizure or even just getting too hot in the sun can lead to exhaustion, so to answer your question, its not the hot weather that affected my epilepsy but being in the sun too long. But this was years ago. I have come a long way since and can deal with the sun. It is no longer a trigger for me since I live in hot country I have gotten used to it.