Does anyone else have trouble with sleep?

I’ve never slept well and the anxiety I have due to nocturnal seizures means I never really want to. I find the only way I can sleep is by listening to something. I listen to radio dramas and sitcoms, but audiobooks and music work for others too. Do you have any sleeping tips?


I have a chill out playlist on Spotify that I’ll listen to to relax for a bit and then when I feel more ready to sleep, I have a sleep playlist on Spotify as well that I listen to. I find that breaking those 2 stages down helps me sleep better even if it takes a bit longer…

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I recently bought a weighted blanket and it has really helped me! I was put off by how expensive they are on some websites but Amazon has them for much lower prices! :blush:


I also recently bought a weighted blanket and I love it, it’s very relaxing!


I’ve not had a seizure for 8 months and I’ve been struggling with anxiety before bed because my trigger is lack of sleep. But I’ve found a good bedtime routine to be helpful. Bath an hour before bed, relaxing music, no caffeine or phone an hour before bed, comfy socks and weighted blanket are also a must :zzz:

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I’ve started listening to podcasts while falling asleep to distract my brain from stressful thoughts! I make sure they’re only 1-2hrs long so I don’t stress about it ending before I fall asleep. I also sleep with the window open when it isn’t too cold so I have the option for outside noises too, that can be more relaxing sometimes.

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I have one but am scared to use it in bed and I have convulsive seizures at night and fear have a weight over me could lead to injuries.

Yeah I put my radio app on a timer so it stops playing after I’m asleep.

@Proper_Refrigerator how do you set the timer on the radio app please? Do you know if there is something similar out there for podcasts, so they switch off after a certain amount of time?

weighted blankets also helped me reduce my anxiety

When I’m really struggling I read a book. I used to just watch TV or YouTube til I was tired, but I find anything screen/tech related still feels like it’s activating some energetic part of my brain. Whereas reading just eases all of that so.

There’s definitely a sleep timer on Apple podcasts. I listen to BBC Sounds which also has one built in.

Have you seen this: its a website all about Sleep for teens, and has some great advice on there :slight_smile:

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