Do any of you guys have auras? And what are they?

I sometimes do and sometimes don’t. One is an oniony taste in my mouth, another is the sensation that I’m wearing a party hat. And the worst is a sudden fear, I just feel like something bad is about to happen; I get sweaty and can feel palpitations.


They are so hard to describe and I don’t even know if I’m having them! One I can only describe as ‘my spider sense is tingling’. Literally, I can’t even define it more than that really. Something just feels up in my head. The second one I can describe a bit better. This is for sleep seizures, when I’m lying there trying to go to sleep, sometimes I can feel my brain sort of fighting with itself. As in, it feels like there’s a “good part” of my brain and an “epilepsy part” of my brain. And when I have an aura, I can feel that “epilepsy part” of my brain overpowering the “good part” of my brain, with the "good “part” then pushing back as best it can. I find at that point I tend to sit up, deep breaths, have some water or a snack, maybe do some reading. And then it tends to ease. And if it doesn’t I just take forever to go to sleep but then wake up relatively okay the next day. They are so hard to describe though, and even the description I just gave was very wishy-washy. I really do think they vary from person-to-person though.

Hi yes sometimes I get a strange feeling after a seizure but that’s verry rare when, I do it’s normally when my absence have lasted a lot longer then my other ones