Daughter with Absence Epilepsy

Hi All

I’m just looking for some advice. My 6 year-old daughter was recently diagnosed with absence epilepsy. Since then she has been on Ethosuximide, which has greatly affected her stamina and mood. She was very sporty and bubbly before the medication but now is shadow of her former self. Do any parents have any similar experiences with their child and if so how did you deal with it?

Many thanks

Hi Matt
I haven’t got any personal experience of absence epilepsy or Ethosuximide, but my son has had a variety of side effects to different meds over the last 10 years.
They all defnitely had an impact on his general mood, and we did have one particularly bad experience with one that caused unexpected and unreasonable bursts of anger.
I think that a lot of the meds do affect their energy levels and slow down their general processing speed and we often found ourselves balancing out the side effects with the fact that the meds were controlling seizures.
The thing to remember is that everyone’s epilepsy is different and their reactions to the medications will be different too.
It sounds as though the diagnosis and medication are new and in some cases the side effects reduce over time (they are usually more accentuated when they first start taking them) but it is probably a good idea to contact your daughter’s Epilepsy Nurse or Consultant to share your concerns rather than waiting for your next appointment/review. We always emailed/texted our son’s Epilepsy Nurse when we worried about anything!
Hope things settle and your daughter finds the right treatment to control her seizures.

Thank you Lisa :+1:t3:

We have a great consultant whom we can contact for advice, so hopefully my daughter will improve