Has anyone had experience with counselling to help their mental health? I’m not sure if it’d help me or not

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@rachaellewis My mum signed me up for counselling after I first got diagnosed and although I was a bit sceptical of it at the start, I soon realised that it was a great help! Just being able to talk to someone about anything that was worrying me or to talk through my feelings and understand them really helped to remove some of the anxiety that came with the epilepsy diagnosis. It’s really lovely to have a safe space where you can discuss things with someone who is trained to help you. If you’re worried about whether it would suit you or not, I think the best thing to do would be to try it - there are no pressures and you can stop at any time - as if you don’t try, you won’t be able to find out. Personally for me it was a great experience so I would recommend it! Sophie x


I’ve been to both counselling and cognitive behaviour therapy. Personally for me cognitive behaviour therapy was a massive help towards my anxiety. My anxiety came from the fear of not knowing when the next seizure would happen and cognitive behaviour therapy really helped to overcome this fear. Hope this helps :grinning: