Aftermath of a seizure

What do others do to ease their recovery following a seizure? I tend to sleep it off, due to feeling exhausted and relax for the next few days to help my recovery. Would be interested to hear how others manage their recovery.


I used to fight recovery. I ended up in A&E one Sunday night after 7 seizures and went into my 4 hour long 9am class on the Tuesday. It left me feeling so ill that I promised myself not to ignore recovery again.

Because I have clusters ‘sleeping it off’ can be scary but I have to and the extra meds I take mean I don’t have a choice. I often start binging new series’ whilst recovering. After my last seizure I went through the whole first series of The Crown in two days lol.

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As I usually feel like I’ve run about 10 marathons after a seizure, I just sleep and rest. If I have any commitments due, I have my family or partner cancel these commitments and I just sleep. Just sleeping and resting, which is usually for about 2 weeks to a month for me (depending on how bad the seizure/s are) is the best recovery. Listening to what your body needs after a seizure is key!

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Your health is the most important thing, especially when your body is recovering from a seizure, take the time you need to fully heal!x I like to sleep it off and put on my favourite film with a cuppa, nothing beats it:))x

My daughter needs to sleep hers off then usually just chills out on the sofa when awake. Her seizures wipe her out for the day. Self care is so important along with hydration, eating as tolerated as healthy as possible- be kind to yourself

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I usually just sleep really. Sometimes, I still have a minor headache afterwards… but I usually just try and relax and rest.:blush:

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Hi! I usually have to sleep for most of the day after it happened, as most of my seizures happen in the evening. I also usually have pains in my upper thighs after my mussels have been tensed. Does anyone else experience this?